December 1, 2023

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Capital Solutions is a company that provides debt collection services, and they have been in business for over 15 years. They specialize in commercial debt collection and have a team of highly experienced debt collectors who are trained to handle different types of debt. Capital Solutions is known for its effective debt recovery tactics, and they have helped many businesses recover their bad debts.

Capital Solutions Debt Collector services:


Capital Solutions provides a wide range of debt collection services, helping businesses recover their debts in a timely and cost-effective manner. Some of the services that Capital Solutions offers include:

1. Early-stage collections: This is the initial stage of debt collection, where Capital Solutions contacts the debtor to try and recover the debt. They use a range of communication methods including phone calls, emails, and letters to try and reach the debtor.

2. Late-stage collections: This is the final stage of debt collection, where if the debtor has not paid the debt after attempts to contact, Capital Solution use more aggressive debt recovery tactics like legal actions

3. Skip tracing: This is the process of locating debtors who are hard to find by locating their current contact information, address, or phone numbers. Capital Solutions has an experienced team of skip tracers who are able to locate debtors quickly and efficiently.

4. Negotiation and settlement: This is where Capital Solutions negotiates with the debtor to come up with a payment plan that is suitable for both parties. They will work with the debtor to come up with a manageable repayment plan, that makes it easy for the debtor to pay their debt.

5. Legal action: This is a last resort, where Capital Solutions will initiate legal proceedings to force the debtor to pay the debt. This process can be lengthy and expensive, but it can be necessary to force the debtor to pay their debt.

Capital Solutions provides customized solutions for their clients based on their specific requirements. They understand that every business is different, and they work with their clients to provide customized solutions that will suit their needs.


1. How does Capital Solutions charge for their services?

Capital Solutions charges a contingency fee for their services. This means they only get paid if they recover the debt. The fee is usually a percentage of the amount recovered, and it depends on the age, size, and type of debt.

2. What type of debt does Capital Solutions collect?

Capital Solutions specializes in commercial debt collection, and they collect debts owed by businesses and organizations. They collect various types of debt including outstanding invoices, credit card debts, and loans.

3. How long does it take for Capital Solutions to recover a debt?

The time it takes for Capital Solutions to recover a debt depends on the age, size, and type of debt. Early-stage collections can be resolved within a few weeks, while late-stage collections can take several months.

4. How does Capital Solutions ensure compliance with debt collection laws?

Capital Solutions has a team of legal experts who ensure that they comply with debt collection laws. They are aware of the state and federal laws that govern debt collection practices, and they follow all ethical and legal standards.

5. What happens if Capital Solutions is unable to recover a debt?

In cases where Capital Solutions is unable to recover a debt, they will provide their clients with an explanation of why the debt could not be recovered. They will provide recommendations on the next steps to take, including legal proceedings if necessary.


Capital Solutions is an experienced and reliable debt collection company, specializing in commercial debt collection. Their customizable solutions, experienced team, and effective debt recovery tactics make them the perfect partner for businesses struggling to recover debts. With their contingency fee structure, businesses have nothing to lose but debt and everything to gain by working with Capital Solutions.

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Article Summary:

Capital Solutions is a commercial debt collection company that specializes in providing cost-effective debt recovery services to businesses. They offer a range of debt collection services, including early-stage collections, late-stage collections, skip tracing, negotiation and settlement, and legal action. The company provides customized solutions tailored to clients’ specific requirements and charges a contingency fee based on the age, size, and type of debt recovered. Capital Solutions ensures compliance with debt collection laws and provides recommendations to clients on next steps if debt recovery is unsuccessful. Overall, their experienced team and effective debt recovery tactics make them a reliable partner for businesses struggling to recover bad debts.

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